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“Your presentation is still mentioned often at school by children and adults who were there. It will surely remain a highlight of our fourth-grade year!”

“Sara Hunter inspired our Preschool and Kindergarten children and their teachers with her reading of her new book, The Lighthouse Santa. Capturing their imaginations and love of learning, Sara explained the background of the story and the writing process. When Sara stated that writing had always been her passion since 2nd grade, she said that she always struggled as an artist. One of the children responded, "Come to our school and you will become a really good artist." Needless to say, Sara endeared herself with the children. Later in the day as part of the school's Annual Book Fair and celebration of children's authors, Sara met with the elementary grades to explain her research and discoveries while writing her much acclaimed book, The Unbreakable Code. Students thoroughly enjoyed her interactive session using the Navajo Code, an important tool used by the Allies in their victory in the Pacific during World War II. Sara's second visit to Princeton Junior School was a huge success and reinforced the school's commitment to children's literature and childhood itself. Thank you again, Sara, for sharing your time with us. On behalf of the faculty, children and their parents, we were all deeply honored.”

--Peter Rapelye, Headmaster, Princeton Junior School, Princeton, NJ

Carroll School, Waltham, MA

“..I was really inspired watching you - I couldn’t believe you got so much into 35 minutes! You were a hit with the teachers and kids...”

--Maggie Lewis, PTO-Creative Arts, Lowell School, Watertown, MA

“...WONDERFUL - I just loved hearing her read the book in her own voice (and I got quite weepy in the back row...)! She was totally age appropriate as she explained the writing process to the kids and she was so kind!...she talked to the kids about Arizona, her friend who inspired her (I got weepy again) ...I want to tell all my teacher friends to invite it was definitely the way a gook talk should go!”

--Beverly Daniel, Reading Specialist, Fay School, Southborough, MA

“...a huge hit. The kids ran around at recess that day trying to spell each other’s names in code and teachers kept commenting on how taken they were by the book and presentation.”

--Barbara Ann Richman, second grade teacher, Broadmeadow School, Needham, MA

“...The arrival of your book was so exciting because I had never known about the secret code before and I loved sharing your book with the children...the book is exquisite in every way. The writing and the beautiful illustrations are the perfect complements for each other. While reading the story aloud today, I felt choked up as the grandfather explained to John his reason for leaving his land...As I finished reading the book, one child said, “Are you sure this is a true story? It seems too exciting and interesting!” The boys in my reading group said they thought you were clever to have included the alphabet code in the back.”

--Nimmie Huber, third grade teacher, The Maret School, Washington, D.C.

“I read today, the beginning of your book. They were rapt. Clearly a great age for a story like that. They loved the pictures...I need more books like yours, not patronizing, tough, rue, but ...the story is softened by the pictures.”

--Diane Hawes, fifth grade teacher, The Buckley School, New York City, NY