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April 6,7 --
Presentation to Third Graders, Chickering School, Dover, MA
April 25 --
Speaker, New England Society of Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators, Nashua, NH
May 16 --
Family Day in honor of the Navajo Code Talkers, Newport
News Public Library, VA


Katani & Sara talk about Church

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Audio & Video Samples
Born Journey

Born Journey

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The Band: Duke Levine,Kevin Barry, Anne Marie David, Mike Rivard, Bill Elliott.

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Skating at Twilight

My Mom's life was one of joy, vivacity, and spontaneity - finding good in every activity. Although raised in the South, she embraced New England heart and soul as soon as she moved to the Boston area. She especially loved its winter sports. A graceful figure skater and feisty skier, she taught all four of her children to love the outdoors as much as she did. When it came time to write a tribute to her memory, nothing fit better than the image of my Mom, gliding across the ice, oblivious of cold wind and oncoming night - the picture of joy and grace, no matter what the circumstance. As soon as I heard my niece, Sally King's lilting, lyrical waltz of a melody, the words fell into place with the effortlessness of my Mom's figure eights. Singer/Songwriter/Arranger Anne Marie David then completely committed herself to the song, adding the bridge, and making it soar to new heights. When our longtime family friend, Bill Elliott dedicated his efforts to producing a professional recording with a wildly talented string ensemble backing Anne Marie's vocals and sublime piano arrangement and accompaniment, it was a dream come true. Knowing that Bill knew my Mom and the pond where she taught us to skate made it all the more special. The result of this collaboration still makes me cry every time I hear it.

Listen to the chorus of Skating at Twilight.

Skating at Twilight by Anne Marie David, Sara Hoagland King, and Sara Hoagland Hunter.


Born to Sing!

Born to Sing!

Listen to a sample of Pop! Goes The Puddy

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Born to Sing, Too!

Born to Sing, Too!

Listen to a sample of My Bunny Lies Over The Ocean.

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Love Lights the World

Listen to Love Lights the World.

Benefit song recorded live September 26, 2001 with PALS Children's Chorus & Anne Marie David. All lyrics by Sara Hoagland Hunter

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