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April 6,7 --
Presentation to Third Graders, Chickering School, Dover, MA
April 25 --
Speaker, New England Society of Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators, Nashua, NH
May 16 --
Family Day in honor of the Navajo Code Talkers, Newport
News Public Library, VA


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Benefit Song Recorded Live
September 26, 2001
with PALS Children's Chorus & Anne Marie David

Love Lights the World

Full of fear and question, your eyes ask me why.
I turn away so you won't see me cry.
Sleepy days of summer seem so long gone by,
Gone with hatred etched into the sky.
I can't give back your innocence or tell you it's not true.
I'm searching for the wisdom and the words to help you through.

I will speak of family, I will speak of friends,
Of loyalty and love that never ends:
A love that like a candle's light cannot be dimmed by dark,
A love that in the darkest night is lit in every heart.

As one to one and heart to heart,
Each candle's light lights up the dark.

Evil can't be answered with a where or what or why.
Love's the only answer to your cry.
I want to give you innocence and tell you it's not true
But telling you I love you is the best that I can do.

As one to one and heart to heart,
Each candle's light lights up the dark.
As one to one and heart to heart,
Love lights the world. There's no more dark.

Copyright Hunter/David 2001

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