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April 6,7 --
Presentation to Third Graders, Chickering School, Dover, MA
April 25 --
Speaker, New England Society of Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators, Nashua, NH
May 16 --
Family Day in honor of the Navajo Code Talkers, Newport
News Public Library, VA


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From Clients


"I met Sara Hunter twenty years ago when she was making her first videos. Her formidable talents were evident from the very beginning, as she filled her films with great wit, boundless energy, and a clear vision. She's a joy to work with...a creative dynamo who imbues all her projects with a unique artistry."

Tom Ruegger,
Executive Producer,


"There's no one I'd rather work with than Sara Hoagland Hunter. When it comes to deadlines, she trounces on them! But most of all, it's Sara's wonderful sense of humor that makes working with her, and everything she does, first rate."

Alison Inches McKown,
Children's Book Writer


"Sara understood the culture of our campus and related to students and faculty members on a personal and intellectual level. She listened to what we were saying and translated our ideas into creative interviews."

Janet A. Lavin,
Dean of Admission,
Princeton University

"Sara Hunter produced a masterful film that exceeded our greatest expectations. The film proved to be the centerpiece of our class banquet, rousing a thunderous and tearful standing ovation at its conclusion. Hunter Productions created a video class yearbook that skillfully blended wit and humor together with a sensitive remembrance of our years at Dartmouth."

Steven Eric Feld,
Reunion Chairman,
Dartmouth, Class of 1976

"Sara Hunter's award winning video captures the critical features of an integration program. Her interviewing techniques demonstrate her sensitivity to the concerns and issues of people of color."

Mary McCullough,
Weston-METCO Coordinator,
Weston, Massachusetts

School Visits
Sara Hunter is a gifted writer and entertainer. She is flexible and respects the needs of the school. She works well with all ages, keeping any number of children enthralled, entertained, and informed with stories from her books.

Rita Foglia & Maggie Thomas
Arts Enrichment Committee
James Russell Lowell School,
Watertown, MA

Dear Sara,

I want you to know that the members of the Rotary Club of Boston raved about the talk you gave regarding the Navajo Code Talkers. Considering the familiarity this audience had with the details of World War II, they did not know much about the Navajo Indian's contributions to the war effort. They were inspired by your presentation and now have tremendous respect for the patriotism of the Navajo Indians.

It was fascinating to hear you describe the research process you went through in order to write this book. Your interviews with the Navajos were thoughtfully described and evoked great interest. Indeed, your talk was very thought provoking and was evidenced by the good questions during the Q+A session.

Thank you again for your lively presentation. May I pass your name on to other organizations that are looking for terrific speakers?

Susana Brown,
Program Committee Chair,
Rotary club of Boston


From Students

Dear Ms. Sara Hunter,
I really liked the book The Unbreakable Code. I'm really into books about native americans. They teach me about them and their religion. It's really cool. I want to thank you for giving me your autograph. When I showed it to my brother, mom, and dad, they all said to me that I was really lucky to actually meet a famous author. It was a wonderful day.

P.S. 104, Brooklyn, NY

Dear Ms. Hunter,
Your book, "The Unbreakable code" was great. I don't know how you did it. Someone like me could never work years on one story. It's hard to believe you went to talk with real code talkers. I wish my best friends Kolbien and Taylor and I learned to speak in code, then we could pass notes in class and no one would know what it said. We could also speak on the phone in code, so my little sister amanda can't eavesdrop. (even though she probably won't)
Thank you for reading us that great book.

Your fan,
P.S. 104, Brooklyn, NY

Dear Ms. Hunter,
Thank you for coming into Horace Mann School and telling us about The Unbreakable Code and also telling us about your life, and how you became a writer. I also think that you had alot of courage in yourself to speak in front of 55 kids and even the parents! So, I just wanted to say thank you very much.

from Nate, Newton, MA

Dear Mrs. Hunter,
I was glad to meet you. You did a wonderful presentation! ..The idea of putting the Navajo code at the end of the book was very interesting. Thanks for coming!

from Sherrie, Newton, MA
P.S. Thanks for signing my shoes!!

Dear Sara Hunter,
I thought it was very nice and thoughtful for you to use up your precious time to come talk to our class for free. Your talk was very interesting I really woke up when you started to tell your story. I thought it was really neat how you went all the way to Arizona just for a book you were writing you must really put a lot of time and effort in to your books. I'm not just saying this but I used to want to be an author I didn't realize how hard it is I thought it was simple! ...

Sincerely, Kim, Concord, MA
(The red headed girl with all the braids)

Dear Mrs. Hunter,
I am writing about my grandpa who immigrated from a different country. We read The Unbreakable Code. It was a great book. I know what you look like because I went on the internet and saw you. From the opposite side of the room from the computer you look like my science teacher. That's not a bad thing.

—Tim, Montclair, NJ

Dear Mrs. Hunter,
Thank you very much for coming in and sharing with us the difficult steps a writer has to go through to have a book published.

—Ms. Dubee's fourth grade class, Field School, Weston, MA

Dear Mrs. Hunter,
Thank you for reading The Unbreakable Code to us. It was a good book. I liked the game when we tried to unbreak the code.

—Anna, third grade, Chickering School, Dover, MA

Dear Sara,
Thank you for coming to our school. I really enjoyed your visit. I really like your book, The Unbreakable Code. I have read it many times and I plan to read it again...In my journal, I gave The Unbreakable Code the title "Best Book". I really want to read the rest of your books. I am thinking about being an author when I grow up.

—Zoe, Lincoln School, Brookline, MA

Dear Mrs. Hunter,
Hello! My name is Chas Carey, a student in Mrs. Rothermel's class, and I, as well as the rest of my classmates, would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming and talking about your books. I know you must be busy most of the time, so coming to class was probably a big dent on your schedule. We enjoyed learning about this book and had fun seeing how a real picture book is produced. You had gone through a lot of wear and tear, but it payed off at the end because your book is spectacular! I for one, personally like to write, and the tips and inspiration you gave us helped me write better. I am very happy that you came to our class and I hope your new projects go well. The Unbreakable Code really helps convey the message that war is bad, and that many people died to save this country, but also to never look down on someone just because they are different. The Second World War was not won by one race.
Once again, thank you for coming to see us. I hope your other books are successful as well!

—Chas, fifth grade Alcott School, Concord, MA


From Educators

"...I was really inspired watching you - I couldn't believe you got so much into 35 minutes! You were a hit with the teachers and kids..."

—Maggie Lewis, PTO-Creative Arts, Lowell School, Watertown, MA

"...WONDERFUL - I just loved hearing her read the book in her own voice (and I got quite weepy in the back row...)! She was totally age appropriate as she explained the writing process to the kids and she was so kind!...she talked to kids about Arizona, her friend who inspired her (I got weepy again) ...I want to tell all my teacher friends to invite it was definitely the way a book talk should go!"

—Beverly Daniel, Reading Specialist Fay School, Southborough, MA

"...a huge hit. The kids ran around at recess that day trying to spell each other's names in code and teachers kept commenting on how taken they were by the book and presentation."

—Barbara Ann Richman, second grade teacher, Broadmeadow School, Needham, MA

"...The arrival of your book was so exciting because I had never known about the secret code before and I loved sharing your book with the children...the book is exquisite in every way. The writing and the beautiful illustrations are the perfect complements for each other. While reading the story aloud today, I felt choked up as the grandfather explained to John his reason for leaving his land...As I finished reading the book, one child said, "Are you sure this is a true story? It seems too exciting and interesting!" The boys in my reading group said they thought you were clever to have included the alphabet code in the back."

—Nimmie Huber, third grade teacher, The Maret School, Washington, D.C.

"I read today, the beginning of your book. They were rapt. Clearly a great age for a story like that. They loved the pictures...I need more books like yours, not patronizing, tough, true, but ...the story is softened by the pictures."

—Diane Hawes, fifth grade teacher, The Buckley School, New York City, NY


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