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April 6,7 --
Presentation to Third Graders, Chickering School, Dover, MA
April 25 --
Speaker, New England Society of Children's Book Writers
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May 16 --
Family Day in honor of the Navajo Code Talkers, Newport
News Public Library, VA


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The Unbreakable Code

Governor of Arizona Book Award 2006
Smithsonian Notable Children's Book of the Year

John is scared. His mom married the man from Minnesota, and now he has to leave the Navajo Reservation. John has never lived off the Reservation. What will it be like? How will he measure up to the people who live outside of the Four Sacred Mountains?

But John's grandfather tells him he will be all right, for he has something very special to take with him; he has the unbreakable code—the code that saved the lives of thousands of Americans in the Pacific during World War II, invented using the then unwritten Navajo language.

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Miss Piggy's Night Out

Miss Piggy, the beloved lady Muppet, wants to become a Hollywood star, but when she spots the famous director, Mr. Big, across a crowded restaurant, she is too excited to pay any attention to her ever-loyal friend when he desperately tries to tell her she has whipped cream plastered to her nose. She embarrasses herself while the meek, mild, sensitive Kermit saves the day as usual!

From the Author:
When Miss Piggy drags her best buddy, Kermit, to the famous Cloud Nine restaurant to see and be seen, she, of course, makes a fool out of herself. Jim Henson Productions, in New York, asked me to write a book for beginning readers about the friendship between Miss Piggy and Kermit. I always identify with Miss Piggy's lame but courageous attempts to make a big impression, so the storyline seemed to come naturally. ~Sara Hunter

Order Miss Piggy's Night Out (Viking Easy-to-Read from
Recommended Ages: 5-8 (Beginning to Read)


Rondo's Stuff

Adapted from Nickelodeon's hit for pre-schoolers, "Allegra's Window", Ms. Hunter's book shows the ever curious Allegra exploring her brother's bedroom. The disastrous results of Allegra's curiosity are pictured in bold illustrations as Rondo's block castle crashes to the ground. The crisis is solved with the help of Allegra's understanding parents.

From the Author:
Has your younger sister or brother ever ruined your things?
I was the oldest of four kids and it always drove me crazy when my younger sisters or brother invaded my room, fooled around with my projects, or touched my stuff. That's why I was excited when Nickelodeon asked me to write a story about Allegra invading her older brother, Rondo's room, based on the pre-school t.v. show, Allegra's Window.

I can still remember what it felt like to come home and find my room thrashed by a trash-happy toddler. My parents were nice enough to install a hook and eye lock on my door. That's not how Allegra's parents solve the problem in this book, but Allegra still learns a valuable lesson. I have to admit I learned a lesson too when I was writing this book from Allegra's point of view. I never realized how exciting my notebooks and secret maps and diaries must have looked to my younger siblings. But I still can't forgive my brother, John, for wrecking our beautiful, secret fort in the woods! ~Sara Hunter

Order Rondo's Stuff (Allegra's Window) from
Recommended Ages: 2-6 (just getting started)


Chocolate Yak-A-Lot

The mischief making Animaniacs, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are again up to their pomposity puncturing antics. This time the victim is a U.S. President who looks very familiar. He's made the mistake of outlawing chocolate for kids. Through victimization and verse, the dynamic trio sees that the President mends his ways—or else!

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All ages
Picture book
Warner Bros. Looney Tunes illustrations


Beauty and the Feast

A send-up of sweeter, more popular versions of the age-old Beauty and the Beast tale. This one is a lot more interesting because it stars Bugs as Belle and Taz as the Beast. Read what can happen when the singing kitchen appliances are just plain nasty! Watch Bugs reduce the Tasmanian Devil to a whimpering bundle of nerves by giving him a makeover and a facelift!

Available directly from Sara Hunter Productions* or
All ages
Picture book
Warner Bros. Looney Tunes illustrations


The Good, The Bad, and the Tweety

A parody of the Clint Eastwood Western, starring Granny as Sheriff Granny and Sylvester as the ever outwitted victim of Tweety's twicks! When Granny leaves town for a few hours, she puts Sylvester in charge of the mischievous Tweety bird, threatening that the cat will be turned into violin strings if anything happens to her precious bird.

Sylvester fights off predators including the Calico Cat gang with much success but his worst enemy is his own drooling instinct to swallow the bird himself. Find out what makes Tweety conclude on the last page, "Awww, the poor puddy tat! Even when he wins, he tan't win"!

Available directly from Sara Hunter Productions* or
All ages
Picture book
Warner Bros. Looney Tunes illustrations


Baby Bugs's Wacky Dress-Up

An oversized board book full of silly rhymes and bright stickers. Dress Baby Bugs and Baby Taz in tutus, tights, and space suits with reusable stickers. 20 colorful stickers and lots of fun read aloud verses!

Available directly from Sara Hunter Productions* or


McGraw Hill Junior Academic Series
Reading Workbooks
Grade 1 & Grade 2

Animaniacs(tm) characters teach children phonics and word building. Filled with colorful illustrations and including easy-to-understand directions, the workbook also offers a certificate to reward children for their achievements.

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Turtle Rescue

Originally filmed and written for Outdoor Life Network and Ecology Communications, this little known story of the rarest sea turtles on earth which strand on the shores of Cape Cod is now available on DVD for $19.95 from Sara Hunter Productions.



Whale Disentanglement

The true story of the men and women who go head to head with 40 ton Right whales in order to disentangle them from lethal fishing nets off the coast of New England.


Born Journey

Born Journey is a 17 minute documentary on the adoption of a Korean baby with rare, behind-the-scenes footage from the largest adoption agency in South Korea. The film follows the journey of a four month old infant into the arms of his parents at Boston's Logan Airport and includes in-depth interviews with the eager, apprehensive parents as they await their new baby's arrival.

Born Journey won the 1996 Gold Award for Family and Children's Documentary Short Subjects at the Charleston Film Festival and the 1997 Bronze Award for Family Short Subjects at the Houston Film Festival.

Broadcast: Syndicated by Silver King Partners on cable stations nationwide. Aired on UPN network stations, 1997

Background: In 1986, my husband and I adopted a four month old infant from the country of South Korea. Because Korean babies are almost always met at the airport of their new home country, rather than picked up in Korea, we never had the chance to learn about his experiences in the months leading up to his arrival. I knew that Koreans, unlike other Asians, care for orphaned babies in foster families, not orphanages. I also knew that most Korean orphans are the children of unwed teenagers who give their children up rather than having them grow up in a state of permanent ostracization. But what was it really like? I had to see behind the scenes. Due to my status as an adoptive parent, the largest adoption agency in South Korea, the Holt Agency, agreed to allow me in with a camera crew. With additional help from Northwest Airlines and ABC News' Seoul Bureau, I was able to obtain rare, behind-the-scenes footage of one baby - the same age as my son had been when he left Korea - and his emotional journey into the arms of his parents at Boston's Logan Airport. It was a journey that brought me as well as this tiny baby full circle. ~ Sara Hunter

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To order Born Journey on DVD, contact Sara Hunter.


A Symphony of Voices

Foreign language training at Dartmouth College has long been known as the most effective crash course language learning on the planet. This video captures the essence of the "Rassias Method" begun at Dartmouth by Professor John Rassias and now used extensively worldwide. Watch foreign executives learn rapid fire English in a five day Executive Language Training session sponsored by the Rassias Foundation at Dartmouth.

The maestro, Monsieur Rassias, is seen at his dramatic best in the classroom putting students on edge until they are at ease. Classroom dynamics and instruction are interspersed with interviews of faculty, participants, and the Foundation's Executive Director, Helene Rassias. You'll want to sign up for the next workshop!

To order A Symphony of Voices, contact the Rassias Foundation at Dartmouth.


Metco, Experiment in Education

Recipient of Continental Cablevision Education Award, 1992

Begun more than 30 years ago, Boston's METCO program is well known as one of the most successful voluntary integration programs in the United States. Its success as a pioneer in urban-suburban educational cooperation has become so accepted it is in danger of being taken for granted. Through interviews with participants who spend long days commuting to an affluent suburb in pursuit of their education, the question: "Is it worth it?" is answered finally and resoundingly.

To order Metco, Experiment in Education, contact Sara Hunter.



Skating Song

Wanna Go for a Skate?

Listen to Skating Song.

Original music by Sara Hoagland King, arrangement and additional music by Anne Marie David, and words by Sara Hoagland Hunter. Performed by Anne Marie David.


Love Lights the World

Listen to Love Lights the World.

Benefit song recorded live September 26, 2001 with PALS Children's Chorus & Anne Marie David. All lyrics by Sara Hoagland Hunter.

Press Release

Born to Sing

All lyrics by Sara Hoagland Hunter

Based on the brightest and boldest characters in the baby business, Born To Sing: 20 Mother Goose Parodies features Baby Looney Tunes, the irresistible younger siblings of beloved Warner Bros. characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, Sylvester, and the Tasmanian Devil. The first Baby Looney Tunes release takes youngsters along for a hilarious romp through Looney-ized versions of classic Mother Goose nursery rhymes.

Backed by upbeat music and lots of great sound effects, the Baby Looney Tunes are born to sing tracks such as "A-Twisket, A-Twasket" ("A-Tisket, A-Tasket"); "Pop! Goes The Puddy" ("Pop Goes The Weasel"); "Foghorn's Talkin' In The Barnyard" ("I've Been Workin' On The Railroad"); "Little Elmer Fudd Fudd" ("Little Bunny Foo-Foo"); and more. The package also includes a colorful, accordion-style booklet of complete lyrics.

Sample Song: Pop! Goes The Puddy

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Born to Sing, Too

All lyrics by Sara Hoagland Hunter

Born To Sing, Too: 20 More Mother Goose Parodies is produced by Gary Fry. All lyrics were adapted by Sara Hoagland Hunter with book production by Gina Misiroglu, art direction by Alex Helbig and edited by Warner Bros. senior editor Charles Carney.

In this second album featuring the zany Baby Looney Tunes gang, Baby Bugs, Baby Taz, and Baby Pepe (among others) offer kids 20 more Mother Goose songs for hours of sing-alongs, fun, and laughter! You'll love the Beach Boys send-up of My Bunny Lies Over the Ocean.

Sample Song: "My Bunny Lies Over The Ocean"

A joint production of Warner Bros. and Rhino Records.

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