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April 6,7 --
Presentation to Third Graders, Chickering School, Dover, MA
April 25 --
Speaker, New England Society of Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators, Nashua, NH
May 16 --
Family Day in honor of the Navajo Code Talkers, Newport
News Public Library, VA


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A young boy is apprehensive about an upcoming move, and his grandfather consoles him with a story about a time long ago when he also had to leave the reservation to serve in World War II. The boy learns that his grandfather was one of the famous "Codetalkers," who used the unwritten Navajo language to communicate over the radio and helped win the war. The intriguing story, which teaches that one always has their legacy no matter where they live, contains the actual code as an appendix. Miner's oil paintings highlight the canyon walls of Navajoland, as well as scenes of battle. Grade: A-.


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